Prayer and Worship Clinics

Matters of The Heart Workshops 

INTERACTIVE workshops designed to "GET TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER" helping individuals identify and develop strategies to address one's "closet hurt."

Workshop topics include (but NOT limited to):

  • Survivors of Abuse 
  • Self-Esteem Building 
  • Grief and Loss (Focuses on the adjustment of significant life changes [e.g., death, foster care, adoption, retirement, health change, aging, military deployment, incarceration of loved one, loss of employment etc])
  • Parenting (e.g., discipline, surviving the teen years, etc)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal/Leadership Development
  • Coping with Chronic Pain
  • Burnout - Caregiver Fatigue, Stress Management, & Compassion Fatigue

Workshop Fee: Negotiable

(Please Note: Although not required, due to workshops being interactive please allot 1.5 to 2.0  hours)


BOOK: "A Time To Heal Disposing of Closet Hurts." 

Interactive publication designed to present a non-denominational balance between spirituality and the natural grieving process individuals undergo after a life changing event.

USA Cost: $10.99



Time To Heal Ministries Inc. Is Here To Serve YOU!

Products and Services 


A Time To Heal Ministries Inc connects individuals to resources that assist with healthy emotional lifestyle (e.g., churches, support groups, mental health services, hotline numbers etc). 

​Cost: FREE

Prayer and Worship Clinics are paramount to emotional healing. Time To Heal Ministries provide clinics enriched with both. Clinics are made up of Time To Heal's partnering ministries prayer warriors and minstrels 

Cost: Free Will Offering 

Time To Heal Ministries Inc

Outside of the USA Cost:: $12.99


Closet Hurt Consultation Services 

One-On-One consultation is offered to those who need a CONFIDENTIAL and SAFE place to share. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL 25% OFF!!!

​(consultation fee normally $100 per hour)

Consultation Fee: $75 per hour


(Please Note: A Time To Heal Ministries Closet Hurt Consultation Services is NOT therapy. A referral will be given to those who wish to receive service from a Mental Health Provider)